1. No illegal stuff, obviously.
  2. No 3DPD*
  3. No ponies, original characters or any characters unable to properly consent to a romantic relationship.
  4. No lewd stuff. Keep that between you and your significant other
  5. No harems or polygamy
  6. Be serious about her/him
  7. Be respectful of other people and their waifus
*3DPD means "real" people. 3D characters are allowed as long as they're fictional.
  • Q: What is a waifu
    A: A waifu is a fictional character that a person is in love with. It is not some just some character you think is cool/hot.
  • Q: What is waifu.ist
    A: waifu.ist is a website where you can host your web page or "shrine" for your waifu.
  • Q: How do i make a web page
    A: You need to understand basic HTML, CSS and Javascript(optional). It's easier than it sounds. You can learn how to make something simple in a few hours by just following some examples/tutorials.
    Make sure your main page file is called index.html and is located in your root folder
  • Q: What can i have in my shrine
    A: You can have anything as long as it follows the rules and is at least kind of related to your waifu. You can have some pages in you shrine not related to her/him as long as the gist of it is.
  • Q: How do i upload my files
    A: You can upload files from the file manager or via FTP*.
  • Q: How much can i upload
    A: You can upload up to 50MB.
*Your FTP login is the same as the one in this website.
If you have any issues you can send an email to volk@waifu.ist.